From dense forests to barren mountains above the tree line--that's Vilhelmina. Vilhelmina's natural diversity is immense. And so are its fishing options!

In Vilhelmina, there are mountain streams, big rivers, tarns, and lakes of all kinds. There is a lot to discover and whatever your fishing preference is, you'll find it here.

If you live a long way from here, that's no problem. We have our own airport. Once you're here, you can start fishing right in town. There are lakes and streams all around us. The lake, Volgsjön, and all the streams feeding it, boast of some good-sized brown trout. Trolling in these waters is a popular pastime. Another suggestion for fishing fun is fly fishing for whitefish during the latter part of June.


Why not try the Sandsjöområdet area? It's close by, only about 20 kilometers north of Vilhelmina and it has an abundance of brown trout, char, and rainbow trout. There is also good service here with shelters, privies, and more. Or, why not try Nedre Vojmån, known for its fantastic grayling. A few whopping gray trout are landed here now and then too. Towards the end of June, fishing whitefish on nymphs will give you a thrill you won't forget.


Wilderness road towards the mountains

Wilderness Road is the way to go if you want to do some mountain fishing. It will take you straight to the mountains. It's easy to find a place to stay. There are hotels and resorts along the way. In the high mountains, there are cabins open to the public.

The village of Stalon is one of the many places to take a break along Wilderness Road. If you want to fish here, you can do it in Kultsjöån. This area has really rough country. So if you want to make a trek into this untouched wilderness, destination Marsån should be first on your list. This is the place for huge brown trout; few anglers have found their way here.


The Njakafjäll area is close by. Here there are a multitude of small lakes and tarns with a great variety of fishing for browns and char. There are trails through the area and huts for public use here and there. A one-day march or more--the choice is yours.

Then there is Saxnäs, farther up along Wilderness Road where you have a variety of accommodations and fishing options. Try sneaking along Saxån with a long pole in the midst of scenic mountains. Or, try fishing in the lake, Kultsjön, right close to the road. You might find some good fishing for char in Gikasjön. In summer evenings, your choice might be a fly rod with nymphs. This is a great experience! Close by you have the river, Ransarån, a classic char stream.

Saxån has its outlet in Kultsjön--pure exultation. Take the trail up through this scenic, green valley. Follow the river and fish with your fly rod, or maybe a long angling pole. Make your way to the small lakes called Duoransjöarna above the tree line. If you want to go by car, Wilderness Road will take you the whole way. In Klimpfjäll you will find accommodations and other service.


Beyond Duoransjöarna there are even more areas to fish in. Why not try a few more mountain waters. There are lakes, streams, and tarns. A well-known stream is Ransarån. It even has a special fly-fishing stretch.



Just like the name in Swedish suggests, this is a fairy-tale-like road. It leads you northward into the mountains past Stalon. It passes through genuine virgin-timber areas and over the river, Marsån. After 20 kilometers or so, you'll be in the Matskanområdet. This area has an exciting network of waters. It has lakes, streams, and tarns. The river, Matskanån is located here. This is rough country, enhanced by virgin forests and large stone blocks left by the last ice age. In spite of its archaic character, this area has fine trails and huts where you can put up for the night.


Want an extra challenge? Try going west to the foot of the mountain massif, Marsfjället. Here you will find the lake, Girissjön, and the river, Girisån. The going is tough--stone boulders and brush--but there are fish here! This area is abundant in char, brown trout, and grayling.

When you get close to the village of Dikanäs, you will have access to good accommodations and service. You might have to walk to get to the fish. They are both near and far, stocked and native.


From Dikanäs, Sagavägen winds its way up along the Vojmån valley. Don't forget the waters that lie along the way. There's good fishing here too. Beyond this, there are great places to stay in Grönfjäll and in Kittelfjäll.

This area is famous for its grayling. Why not combine a canoe trip with some good fishing in these mountain surroundings.

Farther north, towards the Norwegian border, you have the river, Vapsten. Sagavägen stays close to this magnificent river. Brown trout are the main catch here, but there are a few stray grayling too. One area is reserved for fly fishing only.


Vilhelmina has many large, exciting lakes. In their deep waters, there are innumerable surprises in store for you. That's a fact that many a troller can testify to. Malgomaj, Vojmsjön, and Volgsjön are examples of these exciting waters.


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Dorotea is a mountain community known for its flowing waters. Here you can find opportunities for both mountain and lowland, forest fishing.


In Dorotea there is the service you need. There are hotels and other places to stay. Just a few kilometres outside of Dorotea there are great waters for fly fishing.


The rivers, Fjällån and Sallsjöån, are just a few kilometres from Dorotea. These waters offer fine fly fishing for grayling and trout. Fishing in these rivers is usually best towards the end of June. Juli and August are low- water periods.


If you want, you can fish in town. Bergvattenån runs right through Dorotea. This river has good fishing for northern pike. You may even hook a grey trout here. The lake Bergvattensjön is stocked with rainbow trout and is a popular place to make a catch. Another good place to catch northern pike is Laiksjön, a lake just south of Dorotea.


Borgafjäll road

All the way along the road towards the mountains, to Borgafjäll, there are good places to fish. Östra (east) Tallvattensjön and Västra (west) Tallvattensjön are about 20 kilometres from Dorotea. The east lake contains trout and char and in the western lake you have a good chance to catch big pike.
The largest lake in the municipality, Ormsjön, is a bit farther up along Borgafjällsvägen. This is a good place for spin fishing or trolling. You may find a few greys here but this is mainly a lake for northerns and perch. There are also a number of small lakes and tarns quite close to the road where you can catch grey and rainbow trout.
If you continue on along Borgafjällsvägen, you will come to the river Långseleån. This is a good place for fly fishing. This river has a lot of variation, with pockets and holes where greys and grayling can hide. Usually, fishing is good here all summer.
Further west, you come to Rajastrand. Here there is a hostile with rooms for rent and quite close there are fishing waters of all kinds; lake, tarns and brooks. Hefty grey trout and grayling are found in some of the waters. There are also boats for rent. This is a great place for families with children. For more info. http://www.svenskafiskevatten.se/Rajastrand/.
If you are interested in trolling, test your luck on Arksjön. Here you can find big greys that gorge themselves in this lake`s abundance of whitfish. A silvery wobbler might be a good choice here.


Mountain Waters

Risbäck, a brook, is a popular starting point for many anglers. There is hostile to put up at and even if you are out in the wilds, there are plenty of easy- access fishing waters close by. Why not try the Arksjöberget area. It offers a numerous tarns with grey trout and char. As you go deeper into the mountains, you will come to Borgafjäll. This is a scenic village surrounded by majestic mountains. Here there are accommodations at the hotel, in cabins, or at a resort. Fishing is right close by. You can start on the river, Korpån, that flows right through the village. Or if you`d prefer, try the lakes- Borgasjön or Avasjön. Just a few kilometres east- wards, the brook, Vallenjukke winds its way through a beautiful mountain valley. This is a nice place to sneak up on the grey trout. They may even give you a surprise. All of-the tarns spotting this mountain valley also have fishing thrills in store for you.


Toward the west there are two rivers, Saxån and Slipsikån. Saxån is a great place for fly fishing for grey trout. You can get there by car. The narrow Slipsikån is suitable for a long angling pole. Big greys can be found at the mouth of this stream, right next to the road. This is even a good place to try your fly rod.

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